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The news here ranges from newest news at the top to oldest at the bottom.  Just keep scrolling.  The new scouts circa 2013 have grown up, insofar as they are older, and now mostly and not entirely crazy and immature.

Oscar Jr. continued to lead the troop as SPL for the last 3 years, reaching Eagle rank and joining the long tradition of Troop 4 Eagles (like me, and Minhthien, and Christian).  We had a big party for him recently, after he turned 18.

Our big worry now is that as he's turned 18, he has left the troop and decided to join the navy, which is great news for the United States (he's a great guy and he'll make his nation proud) but it kind of underscores the existing problems with the troop.

Simply put, we don't have many kids in the troop, maybe 6 total, and only around half of them show up to any given meeting.  My dad and I will likely leave Houston in a couple of years, which would place the  worn-out Ed Cedillo with an even greater share of administrative workload.  And he too, will be retiring and maybe moving on in a few years too.

So for the next two years I'll be a frequent attendee of Troop 4 events, and so will my dad.  Ed is there and his scout skills are impeccable.  But the clock is ticking - few boys and few volunteers mean that if we don't have more good people show up (scouts and parents of scouts) the troop's days may be numbered.  Which would be a shame since the group has been running continuously since 1919, making it the oldest troop in the Houston area. 

I intend to pitch in a bit, using this website, the troop 4 videos and games, and some creative lesson plans with the troop, as a way to make troop 4 really fun for the next two years (2015-2017) and maybe also draw in some new, enthusiastic kids, and maybe one or two parents of those kids, in an effort to ensure the future of the group.

I'm hoping it'll help.

Also, I'm planning on making a new Troop 4 video (Troop 4 TV: Season 3)