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I've got a few things in development that are scouting-related.  That includes game content.

If you want a "Troop 4 Game" I have one of those in the works now too.  I'm not referring to (BacPacMan) which was never an actual game.
"BacPacMan" was a joke in a troop 4 video, as was "Troop 4 Violent Jerk Deluxe".  Neither was actually ever planned as a real game.

I'm also not referring to my defunct 2004 attempt, which would have been set in a future year 2038 Troop 4, in a worn-down scouthouse.  Most of the characters in that game were hypothetical future children of then-current Troop 4 scouts.  The game also depicted Morgan Canche as an aging about-to-retire scout leader who was frequently traumatized by the boys.  One of the interactions involved threatening the scout leader with a knife, and another involved uncovering a dark secret in the upper levels of the scouthouse.  Most of this game's assets were lost along with some of the Troop 4 TV Season One video content, in an external hard drive failure circa 2007.
I'm not even referring to Albert Rivera's tragic Sisyphean effort to get a troop 4 platformer off the ground.  That went on for a year or more before an electrical surge destroyed it.  Albert tried starting over from scratch but I don't know how that's gone since.

What I am referring to is something that *could* be done in under a month.  That is, if it were an actual priority for me and I weren't desperately struggling to keep my web network afloat.

I'm making a couple of Troop 4 minigames, one an adventure game, the other a turn-based strategy game.

Those are both in the works and likely to be released at some point.  The adventure game in particular is really promising.


-Beautiful artistic graphics
-Voice acting by actual Troop 4 scouts, based on pages of humorous dialogue I've written.
-Game design expanded from original plans to include additional scenes, new characters, and more puzzles, effectively doubling the length of the game.
-Available for Windows and Mac in late 2016 or early 2017.
-Numerous character animations, animated with professional-grade cartooning software.
-Will be available for free here on this website.
-Has a cast consisting largely of current and former Troop 4 scouts!
-May be the first of an episodic series, maybe.  That depends on how things go elsewhere.  For reasons described on the main page, I can't discuss any of my other non-Troop 4 projects here, though, which is kind of odd given how much here hinges on them.

Given all the convoluted limitations I'm facing (between BSA policy and other issues) I advise anyone looking to support Troop 4 to look at this page.

Troop 4: The Adventure Game