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I've made a number of hand-drawn comics over the years, based on Troop 4.

Arkansas Comic - Often regarded as my best Troop 4 comic, the Arkansas comic is a 14-page spoof of Troop 4's memorable summer camp trip to Arkansas.  It features the same bizarrely weird sense of humor found in my other work, the sort of over-the-top nonsensicality that either hits or misses but evokes a definite "What the hell?" reaction whether people like it or not.

Troop 4 Missisippi Trip Comic - Just recently placed online.  Covers the subject of a service-project trip to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, in the most irreverent and offbeat ways possible.

Troop 4: Uncensored, pt. 4, aka 'Diamond War': I wrote this as a script but I never saw any way it could realistically be made into a video.  So I took this feature-length crazy comedy text and started turning it into a very long comic book. I'll start uploading it, piece by piece, over the course of 2016.

If you want to have a paper copy of these I'll have a bunch of these available as handouts at the local Houston event I'm planning, along with DVDs and other stuff.  Or, you could just print the PDFs out on your home printer.