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JUNE 2016 - I am planning a big video screening event for the end of the year now.  It's described here.

The boys are more mature now, by which I mean older and less immature, and their hyperactive squiglliness is not as bad as it once was.  Oscar Jr.  did leave, he's in the navy now.  Oscar Sr. has passed away.

The troop is still struggling but Mark Ball has tentatively suggested a plan to revitalize it, while also relocating our meetings.  He can't make time to be involved himself but he may well save the troop indirectly by assigning one or two Missio Dei members as Troop 4 adult leaders.  We also have been discussing meeting with another nearby troop, thinking there's a possibility we might merge somehow.  Unfortunately, the only troops nearby (in this neighborhood) are a 'sea scouts' group, and an after school program that doesn't take any trips anywhere.  Neither seems like an obvious fit, and that's a problem.

But the clock is still ticking, and we're looking at the troop losing more scouts around the end of 2016 through mid 2017.   Werner will turn 18.  Thomas will too, soon after that.  This is of real concern  but Troop 4 has been through this sort of situation before and it might still turn out okay.

I tried introducing board games to the troop but it is hard to do that when the meeting is only 90 minutes long and the board game is only part of that length.

At Christmas 2015, my plans were upended by some boys' insistence on pizza.  So we ended up with totally different food than I had thought of, but the white elephant gift exchange went well.   There were flashlights, buttons, compasses, and (a bit later) a hat.  There were also two copies of a code, one promising a brand new car, the other 'cold hard cash', and the boys made a very weak effort to solve the code.  Eventually Scott was the one who broke it - revealing that the new car was a tiny toy car, and that the cold hard cash was a penny frozen inside of an ice cube.