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Current news, as of Fall 2012, is as follows:

The Arkansas trip went well.  Troop 4 spent 3 days in Arkansas, including a visit to a diamond dig [Crater of Diamonds] a water park, and Eureka Springs. 

There was also a 1-mile orienteering course using compasses, that demonstrated our boys' laziness and inability to divide numbers by two without a calculator.  I gifted a frisbee to the troop, and gave out some coins and flash drives to everyone.  I have lately established a rule that I won't bring anything to a scout meeting that I'm not pepared to lose.

Troop 4 has tried to steal and/or break my stuff before.   With the current batch of scouts who think 'stealing is awesome' and 'people need to curse more, and if they don't they suck'... and who lack anything remotely resembling adherence to the scout oath & law... I can't help but think there will never be another troop 4 movie.

Partly that's because I'm burned out but it's also because these boys are particularly poorly behaved, and because the risk of losing my camcorder is very high with this group.

We elected Oscar Jr. SPL by default as he is the only scout in Troop 4 with any real rank.  The patrol leader is technically a cub scout still, but he is far more qualified than anyone else because he has the ability to be quiet, sit in a chair, and listen.  He can pay attention to important information instead of yelling while the scout leaders are trying to discuss important events, upcoming activities, useful skills, and stuff like that...  The rest of the troop, sadly, is too poor to pay attention.  ;)

Also, the troop is planning on paintball.  The last two trips were a museum visit and a campout at Brazos Bend.

So yeah, that mostly sums up the important news from late 2012.

FEBRUARY 2012 - A few things worth a look right now. 

Troop 4 video game in the works, more hand-drawn comics will be uploaded, the videos will be put online over time, and other stuff is happening  (See games page for more info on Troop 4 game projects... and Video Page for details on the Troop 4 movies)

If this news is puzzling to you, just remember that this is not an official Troop 4 website.  It's not BSA-approved... and it skews Troop 4 news towards the specific perspective of a former Troop 4 scout (myself, Matthew Lyles Hornbostel) who happens to have reached Eagle rank and remains an assistant scoutmaster with the troop... and who happens to be an artist & game developer.

I won't give you idealized or sanitized views of the group.  Nor will I rail against it; it's a good group with a great batch of leaders.  They're trying to teach a variety of useful survival skills and leadership skills, and they're involved for genuinely altruistic motives.  They actually want to make a difference in the community.

What I will offer you is silly, slightly bizarre humor and a lot of my  personal art projects.  I consider Troop 4 to be a great source of comedic material... and the group, like my friends from Church of the Redeemer, have been the focus of a lot of videos and comics and art projects.  I don't think I can get across how much personality these people have but I try...

Troop 4 has some energetic, semi-deranged boys in it.  As the commonly used disclaimer goes, 'Results may vary.'  Yes, this is true.  There is unpredictability in Troop 4 and a serious risk of things being broken, lost, or lit on fire.  There is also a lot of fun, and the boys do say a lot of things that are so stupid or random, that you can't help but laugh...