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APRIL 2011 - Our glorious Troop 4 scout meetings have sometimes contained at least one boy scout.  Seriously, we're ridiculously short of members in Troop 4 right now, due to the following factors:

-Some Troop 4 scouts are bored with scouting, getting too old to be in the troop, are horrified by Troop 4's patrol cooking, or maybe don't like bugs/rain/scorching heat, and have simply moved on.
-Some might be too dimwitted to figure out where the troop has moved to, and still don't know what is going on or why the old church building was abandoned.
-Some who lived near the previous building find the 5-minute drive to the new location inconvenient and thus have decided to drop out.
-Some of them are still in Troop 4 but show up to meetings randomly, leaving for four months, only to unexpectedly show up again later and drive the scoutmasters nuts, screwing up the troop rosters.

Also, we had a music-themed meeting, and my dad played the accordion well, something most of us couldn't pull off... we also went on a 6-mile hike and had breakfast, a breakfast which involved a bacon sundae.  (No, I'm not making that up)

MAY 2011 - Troop 4 has adjusted well to the new location at 5700 Lawndale.  There had been some concerns that the troop was too small to remain intact, and that we might finally go under after 90+ years, but during last week's outdoor meeting, a handful of neighborhood boys saw us lashing branches together in odd configurations, and decided that they wanted to become boy scouts too!  They were actually excited about learning, which is rare in Troop 4.

Upcoming meetings feature:

- "Troop 4 stew", which is some sort of chili, possibly containing dirt and hair, though Ed Cedillo assures us that it will taste good. 
-Creation of first aid kits, in anticipation of the imminent chaos and accidental minor injuries which invariably accompany the arrival of boy scouts in any location.
-Tent set-up on the church lawn, followed by tent collapse due to lack of correctly placed tent stakes.

We also anticipate a possible movie night... we need to figure out what we're going to show.

Obviously we also need to be prepared for the soon-to-emerge controversy resulting from the launch of this disrespectful, sarcastic non-BSA approved troop website.